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POS Device

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  • Note: Please wait to receive your BBPOS Chipper or POS device before starting these steps.


  • Download the iProcess App for your phone or tablet
  • Login to iProcess using the Username that was provided in your email
    • The password will be your Bankful password
  • Set your local Tax Rate
  • Connect your device via Bluetooth
    • Turn on your BBPOS or POS device and pair via Bluetooth per the iProcess instructions
  • Choose Wireless
  • You will then be able to start a sale!



  • Do not use Auth only settings. This will cause your transactions to Auth and not capture
  • If you are trying to pair your swiper, but iProcess is not prompting you to pair a device, delete the iProcess app and re-download, then restart the process
  • Keep each BBPOS device paired to only one of your mobile devices. Pairing it to multiple devices can cause connectivity issues
  • Transactions made on your POS device will not populate within your Bankful gateway. The iProcess app bypasses Bankful and sends the transaction data directly your processing bank.


If you require any assistance please reach out to [email protected]