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Customer Assistance Fee

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  • To help reduce your business expenses we have added a Customer Assistance Fee feature
  • This feature can be utilized to apply the cost of credit card processing as a convenience fee to your customers
  • This feature is currently available only through integrations using our Hosted Payment Page
  • For customization and more information, please see the Hosted Payment Page guide


Setting Up The Customer Assistance Fee

  • Login to Bankful
  • On the left hand tool-bar, click on the Hosted Payment Page tab
  • Click on the Customer Assistance Fee tab
  • Click the toggle button on as shown below to turn on this feature



  • You can now set the assistance Fee Type to either Flat or Percentage



  • When set to Flat Fee, customers will be charged the set amount no matter how much their total purchase price


  • When set to Percentage Fee, customers will be charged a percentage of the amount of their total purchase price
    • Note: assistance fees cannot exceed 10% of the total purchase price



  • Text Color will allow you to customize the color that the assistance fee text is written in



  • This is an example of how the Customer Assistance Fee will appear to your customers
  • This example is using a Flat Fee set to $5.00



  • This example is using a Percentage Fee set to 3.00%



  • For further information, or if you require any assistance please reach out to [email protected]